Learn About The Naturally Proud Network (NPN) 

The Naturally Product Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that unites the LGBTQ+ natural products and nutraceutical industry community.

open to all LGBTQ+ friends and professionals in the nutraceutical & natural products industry. Our goal is to provide a place where LGBTQ+ friends and professionals can connect with industry peers and create an international network where everyone feels welcome. A place where professionals can reach out to each other and build stronger and more meaningful relationships in our forward-thinking industry. This will be achieved by:

  • Organizing networking events during the most attended industry conferences and tradeshows such as Expo West, Expo East, Supply Side West and Supply Side East and Vitafoods
  • Encouraging formation of chapters around the US and the world to strengthen local networks and community building
  • Facilitating mentors/mentee relationships for new members of our community in the nutraceutical and natural products industry
  • Connecting with other LGBTQ+ friends and professional organizations in science and other related businesses

Our group cores values reside in:

  • Professionalism: We are first and foremost professionals and we respect the identity of our peers in order to create a space where members can feel free to be their true and full selves. Authenticity: From authenticity comes meaningful relationships.
  • Community & Support: We have all experienced it. Sometimes it can be difficult to share our true identity in professional settings. We are here as a support group to help our members face the challenges they may encounter in their careers.
  • Equal Opportunity: This professional network is open to everyone and we encourage people from all paths to join us as we build an inclusive network. Fun: Life wouldn’t be worth living without it! We are a fun group of people and we are planning on taking the industry by storm.

Board Members

Franck Gillet _ Linked In

Franck Gillet



I am originally from Normandy, France and moved to New Jersey over 10 years ago. I studied Business and European law in France and Northern Ireland and was not predestined to work in the natural products industry.  My first job was in Sacramento, California for an ingredient manufacturer in the nutraceutical field, an industry that I have not left since then.

I ended up settling far from home, working far from the law career I prepared for, but have been blessed to live the life I chose and proud about this unconventional journey.  I never had to choose between a career I love and living my life with authenticity. I am convinced that being open about who I am has helped me succeed, and an advocate for creating an open workplace culture of inclusion for LGBTQ employees – it makes everyone more successful.

People that know me will probably tell you that I look very French, that I sound very French and most of my jokes do not translate perfectly well in English. I’ll always keep trying to make others smile. That should give you one more reason to connect and be part of our networking group!

I am looking forward to contributing to Naturally Proud network by focusing on fundraising efforts, creating fun and meaningful events, and ensuring everyone in the Natural Products industry feels included, welcome, and celebrated!



Randy Kreienbrink, CFS



Over 30 years of Marketing, Technical Sales, Product Development, Formulation, R&D, and Quality Assurance in the Functional Foods and Nutritional Supplement Industries. Randy has an interest and talent for designing various functional food concepts. He is currently Vice President of Sales at Artemis International. He has an educational background in biology bio-tech/food science, and has held positions ranging from food chemist to various sales and marketing positions with food, flavor and ingredient companies. He is a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and part of the inaugural class to receive Certified Food Scientist designation from IFT in 2013. Currently Co Chair for the Southern California IFT Section .


Gabriel Paulino



Gabriel Paulino has extensive experience in R&D, product development, strategy, and innovation for biotech and nutraceutical companies such as Nutrilite/Amway and Bulletproof.

Gabe is an alumnus of IndieBio Accelerator and Plug and Play and a co-founder of BioLumen, a nutritional technology company with a patented dietary fiber technology platform to reduce the negative effect of a diet heavy in processed foods. His prior experience includes working with SPRIM, a consulting agency focused on health innovation for consumer products. He is now the co-founder and COO of renegade.bio, an end-to-end COVID testing solution public benefit corporation


Webber_Crystal-8090 (1)

Crystal Webber, MS, RD


My passion for the nutrition, natural products and nutraceutical industries can be traced back to my pre-professional days. My father was a Medical Doctor-turned-Naturopath way before it was trendy, and I grew up with imported raw honeycomb for sore throats and handmade botanical salves for minor cuts. As a child, I wondered why I could not simply have cough drops and antibiotics like a ‘normal’ kid, but as an adult I am truly grateful for the free education in everything holistic, and a belief system based in thinking outside of the norm.


After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition and continuing on into a Master’s Degree Program for Sports Nutrition and Wellness, I began my career as a Registered Dietitian working with populations from oncology to eldercare and even methadone clinics. I fell in love with building customized nutrition products, and shifted my educational path from clinical and sports nutrition to food science and product development with a Master’s Degree in Food Science focused on Nutritional Biochemistry.


I can honestly say I have loved my entire career and am grateful to be able to use my multiple degrees and certifications daily! I have enjoyed a wide variety of positions in the FDA-regulated Nutraceutical and Natural Products CPG industry; most recently focused on the CBD/Cannabis industry. I have  held Contract Manufacturing, Technical Sales, and Business Development management positions for small companies and Fortune 500 companies alike.


I love being part of the Naturally Proud Network and wish that every industry had similar opportunities for LGBTQIA+ professionals and our invaluable allies to network and collaborate. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions. I look forward to meeting you at our next event!

Hall, Bethany - Image 1 2019 photo

Harper Hall


Project Leader, Taste Applications

Ingredion Incorporated

Harper Hall joined Ingredion in 2007 and has over 16 years of industry experience as a food technologist.
In 2019, they began their Diversity Equity and Inclusion journey with PRIDE at Ingredion as a member of
the BRG (Business Resource Group) leadership team. Harper has supported PRIDE and various levels,
from local team leadership to global president and supports Ingredion’s overarching DEI initiatives such
as self-ID, access, and policy creation.
Beyond Ingredion, Harper’s work in DEI includes volunteerism with Informa’s JEDI Content Creation
Advisory Council, Naturally Proud Network’s board of directors, and assisting Garden State Equality,
New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy and education organization, with representation among other
food companies operating within the state.
Harper holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Baking and Pastry Arts Management from The
Culinary Institute of America, and a Bachelor of Science in Culinology® from Southwest Minnesota State

2019 Aug professional headshot

Kurt Callaghan


Learning and experiencing new cultures is what drives me. I’m blessed to have found a career in the food & beverage industry where I have the honor of traveling and collaborating with brilliant food scientists across the globe. Food is culture and on a daily basis I’m learning and experiencing new cultures through food! 

The LGBTQ+ community is it’s own culture that has been inspiring and enlightening to learn from. As a founding member of Pride at Ingredion, it has been massively rewarding to see my Ingredion colleagues feel more and more comfortable to bring their authentic selves to the office. The value is real – for individual’s well-being and business results. It is an honor to be part of the Naturally Proud Network and continue to expand the reach of our inclusion message to the industry more broadly.

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Steve Siegel, MA


Raised in a multicultural household with a Latin American mother and an Eastern European father, I have long recognized and appreciated the importance of diversity and its myriad benefits. In my view, diversity is a powerful catalyst for new ideas, innovative thinking, and harmonious coexistence. When we celebrate each other’s unique perspectives and experiences, we can achieve remarkable things together.

Professionally, I am proud to embody these values as a member of a team dedicated to promoting awareness, diversity, and inclusion within the natural products industry. Specifically, I focus on championing LGBTQI+ rights and representation in this vital sector, working tirelessly to ensure that all individuals are treated with the respect, dignity, and fairness they deserve.

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